How To Start Your Own Phone Sex Business

Starting my phone sex business — Call Me Baby — changed my life for the better. Not only was I a happier person in general after saying goodbye to my life as a secretary, but I instantly began to realize there are so many possibilities to help others build their own adult phone chat business to brighten my mood even more.

If you’ve ever found enjoyment partaking in sex chat with a partner in the past, you could easily be up and running in no time doing the same thing while getting paid. Today I want to talk to you about two specific things in particular. We’re going to look at the very minimum you need to start your own adult chat empire, and in order to do so I’ll tell you how I got started. We won’t go into too many details, because I believe you only need a few things. Once you can officially tell yourself you’re an independent phone sex operator you’ll feel like you’re in business instantly.

We will also cover how to get your number out there, which is more important than anything else, but first let’s look at the two main things I needed to get Call Me Baby off the ground. To begin with you need a 1-800 number, which can be acquired easily and cheaply on the internet.

The next thing you’ll need is a merchant account, as you’ll need to be able to process credit cards in order to be paid. The most popular options at the moment are probably Stripe and PayPal, and they both have their positives and negatives. I personally think both options are a bad idea for phone sex operators, because accepting payments manually isn’t very professional and there is certainly nothing sexy about it.

When I started Call Me Baby, I opted for a company called Pay Per Call, because I believe they’re the best in the business and they’re also happy to work with those who run their own sex chat companies. You can think of them as an all-in-one solution, as they take care of every little detail for you.

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Your phone calls will be diverted to any number of your choosing meaning it’s easy to work from your smartphone, but before you start marketing your 1-800 number you will be able to choose the exact amount of money you want to charge per minute. When someone calls up they can follow instructions telling them how to enter their card information, and as soon as they’re connected to you they’ll be charged for each minute of the call. There are plenty of extra features, such as holding calls in a queue, but the last main thing you need to know is that you’ll receive a payment every 30 days.

At the moment I currently run Call Me Baby on my own, but if you wanted to expand by hiring more phone sex operators it would be easy. There are of course ways to do everything on your own, but again I’d recommend sticking with Pay Per Call as they’ll take all the hard work out of it for you. It will still be you collecting the money and paying your employees, so you’ll not only be an entrepreneur, but one who creates jobs and helps the economy.

Per Per Call has made Call Me Baby so much easier to run, but the only hard thing you’ll need to do is drive calls to your 1-800 number. That means you’ll need to brush up on your marketing skills, but if I can do it you’ll be able to do it too. There are three main areas you should focus on, with the first one being your own website. Even if you don’t get any traffic through Google after writing adult phone chat articles, you can still use the next couple of things we’ll look at to drive traffic to your own website.

Social media is huge at the moment, and you should be on all the main platforms. My advice is to play around with a few of them such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit, but when you find a winner you should focus all your efforts onto it. Even though it sounds counterproductive, you’ll end up making more money and helping much more people have a brighter day. Lastly, Craigslist can be a great way to source business, but you will need to be more creative with your ads in order to stand out.

The phone sex industry is thriving at the moment, and there is plenty of room for females who enjoy adult chat to build their own business so they can work from home. I didn’t think I would ever be living the life of my dreams thanks to Call Me Baby, but anything is possible if you jump on the opportunity now.

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Why Phone Sex Lines are Way Better Than Party Lines

More often than not, the calls I field at Call Me baby are from men who have been duped into believing that they got the best deal at some random chat line while what they were really looking for is a great deal in phone sex. I cannot help but sympathize with these men. See, we live in a commercial -oriented reality where the up sell is more important than the truth and misinformation is a popular pastime in the industry. Partylines are MASSIVELY different from phone sex lines, something most aficionados out there may not be aware of.

Lets dive in.

Singles dating chat lines or party lines are basically matchmaking services, only that there is a real nasty catch. What happens is that the service operators set up a system, advertising for women to reach out and find men for romance and long-term relationships. Women can set up profiles and offer as much information as they want. The men on the other side are sold a pitch that essentially tells them that the service is there to offer them an endless supply of females to fulfill their sexual fetishes. At the end, there is an obvious disconnect between what the men are looking for and what the women are anticipating.

Screenshot of

On the other hand, phone sex lines like my own are just that-services where you pay a small fee to engage in a no-holds-barred chat with the women or men of your dreams. In these situations, there is no double-speak and the customer knows what to expect. As opposed to chat lines, there are no promises of long-term engagements or lofty guarantees of things that never come to pass. In addition, the user pays for whatever time they consume and there are no pricing exemptions for women. Phone sex operators are mostly people with a history in telephony and communications.

Here is why phone sex lines are the real deal:

1. Discretion

The biggest reason people venture out to get some action on the virtual space is that they do not want every single person in the neighborhood to know about their sexual inclinations and fetishes. It is therefore important that any sex service offers a sense of privacy and a guarantee of confidentiality. Chat lines are not secure because of the promise that participants would meet up with each other in the brick and mortar world. Phone sex lines conduct their business over the line at all times.

2. The chats on phone lines are live

Chat lines have the notorious tag of keeping clients waiting at the other end of the line. Basically, when they place call ,they are routed to voice mail boxes where messages are then left. The supposed female recipient will pick these calls when they go can. Adult phone chat lines are the exact polar opposite to this approach. Once the required charges are paid, the client is directed live to an actual person they can have great moments over the phone with. As a result, they get the live, instantaneous feel of the action being real.

3. Phone sex services sell what they advertise

A phone line promises sex chats and provides precisely that. There are no lofty promises of seasons in the sun and there is absolutely no mention of engagements or commitments that are supposed to last a life time. In a nutshell, you go in knowing what you are looking for and that you will get it. If you are into this kind of thing, rest assured that there will be no one knocking down your door asking you to take them out or worse, marry then . Not that marriage is a bad thing, but then you know where I was going with that.

4. Uncensored Conversation

You get to say that you want with phone sex lines. You reach out to the other end and you tell the receiver what you want to play out. You can get as down and dirty as you want to, no questions asked.

When it comes to chats over the phone, trust me, you want to get a hold of the professional. After all, who does not want a great service that features, live, breathing humans, friendly processes and sex chats to boot? Forget mail boxes and all that hullabaloo with hanging out and stuff-phone sex is the real deal!

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What We Know About The History of Phone Sex

How and when did phone sex start? How did it evolve? Did somebody just announce one day that she/he will be on the phone to sex chat? The whole idea seems so abstract that most people cannot possibly imagine how it could have started. Nonetheless, the first ever sex talk over the phone was heard on a phone line in 1875. Just about a year after Alexander Bell first demonstrated his invention.

Phone Sex Pioneer Gloria Leonard at CES Convention in 1999Some people in the business believe that the industry was pioneered by Gloria Leonard, a female publisher of a skin magazine. Gloria came up with the idea of men paying to listen to recorded messages of the models featured in her magazines and she made a fortune doing that. She then kicked it a notch higher by having the guys communicate live with the girls at a higher rate. Others believe that Betsy Craddock was the first phone sex operator and her business first involved describing different ways of unbuckling shoes and unfastening hats. Craddock made millions of dollars over a career that spanned over 6 decades and she is credited with introducing generations of Americans to the adventures of phone sex.

Nonetheless, it was not until 1919 that advertisements for adult phone chat services began appearing in magazines and newspapers. The First World War had a huge impact on the female population who were called on to take roles that were outside their normal gender expectations and roles. The resulting confidence and empowerment plus romanticism of being estranged from their men who were on the battle front meant that by the time their brave men/boys returned, their formerly mild and meek maidens had transformed into able and willing telephone temptresses.

Unfortunately or fortunately, this was not to last. In 1920, President Woodrow Wilson’s administration passed a controversial law prohibiting adult phone chat. It was an extremely divisive legislation representing the schism in society between the constantly masturbating liberal North and the ultra-conservative Christian south. The law was not enforced in most states and the so called Speakeasy bars mushroomed around the whole country where people would go to enjoy the circus of phone sex with then new added spice’ of illegality.

The Beginning of Commercial Phone Sex

The law prohibiting phone sex was ultimately rescinded in 1934 by President Roosevelt, who acknowledged the need to allow masturbation as a way to boost morale during the Great Depression. He also privately created many alphabet agencies that were devoted to encouraging commercial phone sex-namely the DVDA, the BDSM and the NSA. Hence, by 1980 the industry was a very big business in the USA. Actually the first legal and commercial phone sex line started in the early 1980’s. The process was very simple, men or women simply called a number advertised in a newspaper or magazine and gave their credit card details for verification. The caller would then be transferred to a phone sex operator working in an office or would be called back later by someone working from her home.

Emergence of Phone sex Websites

The first phone sex related websites started to appear on the internet by 1994. They were independent companies with a direct connecting call to a lady at home or office rather than a recorded menu or a dispatcher. Payment was done via credit cards and calls were billed per minute or as a block of time. By the year 1998, the internet was awash with different phone sex services. The services varied from service Bureaus, dispatch services to independent girl operations.

In the year 2001, a sharp entrepreneur came up with the number “69,Phone,Sex,Now” and it quickly became America’s most used number after 666 666. In the last 15 years however, phone sex hotlines have suffered huge losses in trade and more and more ladies disposed to acting slutty. This is due to a number of reasons, first one, pornography becoming more accepted and available on the internet and secondly, cellular phones giving users more privacy, thirdly the widely publicized approbation of phone sex (see Jonas Brothers’) and fourthly prostitution is more accepted, anyone can easily get laid. It is also important to note that it was not until the internet came that phone sex became a stand-alone venture, otherwise the only mode of advertising was on the back of magazines and newspapers.

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I Am A Proud and Professional Phone Sex Operator

My name is Kate Lindsey and I’m a proud, professional phone sex operator. I’m twenty-eight years old with fire-engine red hair that matches my fiery personality. I’m a petite gal, standing at only five-foot-four and weighing about one hundred pounds. Do you want to know a little bit about me and my life before starting a call?

When I turned eighteen, I got a job as a secretary immediately after I graduated high-school in 2005, and spent the last ten years trapped in a cubicle taking phone calls for my boss at an orthodontic office. I loved that I was able to spend my days meeting and talking to countless new people on the phone on any given work day. However, the content I was forced to discuss (scheduling appointments, answering simple questions for customers that the orthodontist didn’t have time to deal with, fielding complaints from frustrated customers) didn’t interest me. I dreamed of a job where I could have fun talking to the people who called me and where my customers would be excited to talk to me, too. I wanted to use the secretarial skills I developed during my time at the orthodontist office to make my life and other people’s lives more enjoyable. Today, I’m able to achieve that goal through my very own phone sex line

I’ve always enjoyed phone sex with my romantic partners over the years. During periods of time when I’ve been single throughout my adult life, one of the activities I always miss most is lying down in my bed after a long day and having some spicy fun with a sexy conversation over the phone. After I quit my job as a secretary at the orthodontic office, I thought, “What better way to make money than by making myself and other people feel good by doing something I love?” That’s how I got the idea to start

Now, my line of work is sexy and it’s fun. I make unique because I don’t spend my phone calls counting down the minutes, and I don’t just do it for the money. My personality is spicy and I love to share that spice with my willing clients through flirting, teasing, and plenty of sexy talk. I think of every phone call as a new adventure; I eagerly enjoy interacting with my clients on the phone and I relish the opportunity to provide them with a welcome break from the stress of their own hectic lives.

My top priority at is to provide carefree confidentiality for every client who calls me. I never want someone to be stuck on the other end of the line, hesitating to dial my number because they’re afraid that it won’t stay private or that someone will find out what they’ve been doing. Phone sex is nothing to be ashamed of, and I’m proud of my work and my company. However, I also understand my customers’ desires to keep what they do in their private time, well, private. Every phone call I hold with my clients is one hundred percent confidential. If you decide to call me, it’ll be our little secret as long as you want it to be.

As I said earlier, I actually enjoy my work. My goal with is not to make as much money as possible. It’s to enjoy sexy conversation with other adults while helping my clients take a break from the stress of their daily lives and let off a little steam on the phone with me. Therefore, I charge only seventy-five cents per minute. For three quarters every sixty seconds, I’ll be happy to share all my sexy secrets with you and whisper whatever you want on the phone to you all night long. I do offer a ten-minute minimum for all phone calls. But believe me, once you get on the phone with me and we get to talking, ten minutes won’t be long enough.

I’m ready to have some fun, and I’d love to do it with you. Call me today if you want to take advantage of the beauty of high-quality, affordable phone sex and have some sexy phone fun with me at

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